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Kristiina Kumpulainen is a professor of education. She has been working as Professor of Education at the Department of Teacher education, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University Helsinki for over 20 years now and she's spearheaded several externally funded research projects examining learning and education from the sociocultural perspective.

She believes that learners are active co-constructors in their own learning process who understand new knowledge by relating it to what they already know...  Kumuplainen also argues that children learn through play because throughout history humans have always had some form or other of playful activity during childhood development. Therefore if we want our kids to be successful later on then school should provide more opportunities for actually playing rather than just sitting behind.

In her publications, she has been interested in developing new knowledge about social interaction in learning and illuminating the ways in which participation, agency and knowledge are situationally negotiated across space and time.

Kristiina has been exploring the formation of learner identities in a digital age, as well as children and young people's wellbeing. In recent years she focused on visual research methods that helped her explore social interaction across settings and contexts to address methodological questions.

She had a dream to open her own Playful Learning Center where she would lead several research projects focusing on digital creative learning and teaching. 

But Kristina didn't have the opportunity to realize her dream - she didn't have the funding to set up the center.

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